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Logdy new version announcement: v0.6

Let's see what's new in v0.6

Message buffering

Since this version, every log message received by Logdy will be buffered in the Logdy process. This enables a couple of things:

  • you can pause receiving new messages, then resume either from the place you stopped or from the most recent message
  • multiple clients can independently follow new messages or pause then resume and no message will be ommited.

This also enable a feature of loading a specific part of the buffer on demand.

The current implementation of the buffer based on ring buffer can keep millions of log messages without a problem. That enables entirely new use cases for Logdy. Stay tuned for next version!

Read more about buffering in the docs

Light/dark mode

Light mode is here! By default Logdy will use your system's preference, but you can always change the mode manually in the top right corner.