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Go config

A description of the Config struct provided to run Logdy UI. Refer to using Logdy in a Golang codebase setup

type Config struct {
	// Whether UI events should be tracked in the UI
	AnalyticsEnabled bool

	// The passphrase to access the UI
	UiPass string

	// A path to the config to be loaded in the UI
	ConfigFilePath string

	// A time window during which log messages are gathered and send in a bulk to a client.
	// Decreasing this window will improve the 'real-time' feeling of messages presented on
	// the screen but could decrease UI performance
	BulkWindowMs int64

	// A URL path on which Logdy will be accessible
	HttpPathPrefix string

	// A server port on which the UI will be served
	ServerPort string
	// A server IP on which the UI will be served, leave empty to bind to existing server
	ServerIp        string
	MaxMessageCount int64

	// Log level

	// A function to be invoked when a Logdy internal log message is produced
	// If not nil then LogLevel is ignored
	LogInterceptor LogInterceptor

	// Key to be used when communicating with the REST API
	ApiKey string